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Report writing is an important aspect of your responsibilities as a criminal justice professional. For this assignment, you will review a scenario and complete a report commonly found in a particular criminal justice profession.

Scenario: Read the following scenario:

The defendant, Lindsey Nahol, entered Sparkle Jewelry and asked the sales clerk to show her several pieces of expensive jewelry. When the clerk turned his back, the defendant slipped a diamond necklace into her purse and walked toward the exit. When the security guard attempted to stop the defendant, she kicked and scratched him. With help from the store clerk, the security guard restrained the defendant and held her in a room until the local police arrived and placed her under arrest for robbery. Ms. Nahol has been in jail for 60 days and has pleaded guilty to robbery and assault and battery. Judge Fairmont has requested a pre-sentence investigation and report.
The pre-sentence investigation reveals that Ms. Nahol, now 30, has been involved in the criminal justice system since she was 14, when she was adjudicated for car theft, for which she was placed on juvenile probation. She violated her probation but subsequently completed a 36-month probational term. As an adult, Ms. Nahol has been sentenced three times for various crimes including shoplifting, burglary, and possession of a controlled substance. She successfully completed her probation for these offenses one year ago. Ms. Nahol states that she stole a car when she was 14 because she wanted her friends to think that she was cool and that this is also why she started using drugs. As for the security officer, during the interview, Ms. Nahol stated that she was defending herself and standing her ground, because the security guard grabbed her first, when he was trying to prevent her from leaving the store.
Ms. Nahol has her high school diploma. She has not spoken to any of her family members in more than a year but states that she has very close friends who let her stay at their house anytime she wants. She spends her time thinking about her future and is interested in earning her degree in criminal justice from Strayer University and becoming a juvenile probation officer.
The prosecutor has asked for five years in prison, followed by five years of probation. The defense attorney has asked for time served plus two years of probation.

Fill in the report: Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (Adult) [PDF].

Category: Arts & Education Subjects: English literature Deadline: 24 Hours Budget: $80 - $120 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)

Attachment 1

Report Option #2: Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (Adult)

Court Name of Defendant:



True Name of Defendant: Sentencing Date:

Docket No.(s):

Alias or Nickname: State No.:

Offender Description

Present Address: Telephone No.:

Name of Address of Closest Relative: Telephone No.

Age: Date of Birth:

Place of Birth: Soc. Sec. No.:

Sex Height Weight Eyes Hair Complexion Build Race

Identifying Mark(s):

Present Offense

Judge: State’s Attorney: Defense Attorney:

Offense(s) as Charged:

Offense(s) as Convicted:

Statute(s) & Penalty(ies)

Arrest Date(s): Co-defendant(s):

Bond: Confined: Convicted By: Criminal Record: No ____ Yes ____ (see attached)


Offender’s Version

Criminal Record




Current Personal History


Supplementation Information

Attached (Specify)

Based on the investigation, the following is recommended: Probation: ____ Yes ____ No ____Other (Specify)

Respectfully Submitted By (Probation Officer)

  • Report Option #2: Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (Adult)
  1. Court Name of Defendant:
  2. Court:
  3. CityTown:
  4. True Name of Defendant:
  5. Sentencing Date:
  6. Alias or Nickname:
  7. State No:
  8. Docket Nos:
  9. Offender Description:
  10. Present Address:
  11. Telephone No:
  12. Name of Address of Closest Relative:
  13. Telephone No_2:
  14. Age:
  15. Date of Birth:
  16. Place of Birth:
  17. Soc Sec No:
  18. Sex:
  19. Height:
  20. Weight:
  21. Eyes:
  22. Hair:
  23. Complexion:
  24. Build:
  25. Race:
  26. Identifying Marks:
  27. Present Offense:
  28. Judge:
  29. States Attorney:
  30. Defense Attorney:
  31. Offenses as Charged:
  32. Offenses as Convicted:
  33. Statutes Penaltyies:
  34. Arrest Dates:
  35. Codefendants:
  36. Bond:
  37. Confined:
  38. Convicted By:
  39. No:
  40. Yes:
  41. Disposition:
  42. Offenders Version:
  43. Criminal Record:
  44. Date:
  45. Location:
  46. Disposition_2:
  47. Current Personal History:
  48. Recommendation:
  49. Supplementation Information:
  50. Attached Specify:
  51. Yes_2:
  52. No_2:
  53. Other Specify:
  54. Respectfully Submitted By Probation Officer: