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Criminal Justice 1. DQ, 2. Student Response 3. Journal Entry

The Power of the People 1. DQ 2. Student Response 

Preparing for Work 1. Assignment

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SELF AND SOCIAL AWARENESS Definition:​ Understanding your personal strengths and limitations; recognizing your thoughts, emotions, and intentions; being open to receiving feedback; and identifying how your behaviors impact others. Why it Matters for the Future of Work: ​Self awareness can help you find the right career for you, know when it’s time to leave your current job, and make you a stronger leader. (Swerdlow, 5) TECHNOLOGY Definition:​ Being able to confidently and effectively use technology to be productive, complete goals and tasks, and maintain a competitive advantage. Why it Matters for the Future of Work:​ 78% of today’s jobs require familiarity with technology, and digitally intensive jobs are growing faster and pay more than non-digital roles. (Southern New Hampshire University, 6) PRODUCTIVITY Definition:​ Strategizing, organizing, and effectively managing your time and priorities. Why it Matters for the Future of Work:​ High performers can be up to 800 percent more productive than other workers, drastically cutting down the time and money needed to complete large tasks - something managers always value. (Keller, 7) INITIATIVE Definition:​ Thinking independently, seeing what needs to be done, and taking action without being prompted. Why it Matters for the Future of Work:​ Initiative has become more important in modern workplaces, as employers rely on people who have the courage to push their teams forward. (Mind Tools, 8) RESULTS DRIVEN Definition:​ Acting with a sense of urgency and focus to reach goals, without compromising integrity or quality. Why it Matters for the Future of Work:​ As companies use more freelancers, they need those workers to be results-driven so projects stay on track. (Do, 9) COMMUNICATION Definition:​ Actively seeking and delivering information, clearly articulating ideas, effectively listening, and confidently connecting to various audiences, settings, and situations. Why it Matters for the Future of Work:​ Communication is one of the top five skills that will be important in the future across all industries…and that employers currently find lacking. (Gilchrist, 10) RELATIONSHIP BUILDING Definition:​ Effectively working with others and establishing, cultivating, and leveraging networks

over time. Why it Matters for the Future of Work:​ 85% of all open job positions are filled through personal connections. (Adler, 11) PROBLEM SOLVING Definition:​ Identifying and framing problems, exploring ideas, and creating effective, ethical, and evidence-based solutions. Why it Matters for the Future of Work:​ Problem solving is important in every industry, and this skill gives an especially notable edge in management positions. (CareerBuilder, 12) INNOVATION Definition:​ Creatively thinking and coming up with new ideas and solutions to solve old problems. Why it Matters for the Future of Work:​ 84% of business executives believe that innovation is important, but only 6% are satisfied with their company’s performance in that area. (McKinsey & Company, 13) AGILITY Definition:​ Embracing change and effectively adapting when things around you are constantly in motion. Why it Matters for the Future of Work:​ In one survey, 79% of executives said that the future of work will be based on specific projects instead of roles, meaning that having the agility to adapt quickly will be extremely important. (Lyons, 14)