The Transfer of Learning (NO PLAGIARISM)

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Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Identify the factors that facilitate the transfer of learning from an adult learning environment to the workplace, using action-learning methods of instruction. The learning environment may be a formal classroom, formal online, informal, or incidental learning. Be sure to integrate an explanation of the selected learning environment into your logic.
  • Continue using the learning environment selected above, and develop a model that optimizes the transfer of learning from an adult learning environment to the workplace using a specific skill that will be transferred.
  • Based on the learning environment and model you have developed above, discuss the factors that should be considered when designing an assessment tool for the measurement of the transfer of learning.
  • After implementation of the model selected, determine how you would evaluate the success of the approach (i.e., how would you judge whether the learning transferred?). How would you judge whether the selected strategies were successful?


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