Open Posted By: ahmad8858 Date: 10/01/2021 High School Rewriting & Paraphrasing

Every organization conducts research to plan and implement a business idea. This project is designed to provide the foundation for an international business plan. Using the bullets below as a framework for your paper, you will plan global expansion of an existing product or service, or research a new foreign business opportunity.Project paper guidelines:

  • 800-1,000 words (3-4 pages), not including title page, works cited page, or headers.
  • 1 inch margins
  • 12 point Times New Roman font
  • Standard language and grammar are required - this is a paper, not a text message.
  • APA Style- If you are unfamiliar, visit your nearest IRSC Academic Support Center for assistance.
  • Paper must be submitted through Blackboard. Emailed papers will not be accepted.

 At a minimum, your paper must include research and narrative for the following:

  • Determine potential international markets for existing or proposed goods and services
  • Identify domestic and international companies involved in similar business global business activities
  • Examine geographic and economic factors that affect the business environment of a nation
  • Research the influence of government and regulations on business activities
  • Identify needed databases and information systems to facilitate international business activities
  • Identify methods for reducing global business risks
  • Identify specific attributes and customer benefits for a proposed international product or service
  • Suggest advertising messages, media and other promotional activities for an international enterprise
Category: Business & Management Subjects: Human Resource Management Deadline: 24 Hours Budget: $80 - $120 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)