Wk 5 - Project Management Plan

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I’ve attached the previous weeks assignments so you can understand the scenario I’ve chosen. Please be as detailed and thorough as possible. Please meet the word count. Introduction and conclusion doesn’t count in the word total, so they can be minimal. 

Write a 1200-word paper that contains:

800-word section regarding a Risk Management Plan in which you include the following:

·        Identify potential risks (there should be at a minimum 3 risks identified) for the project and discuss how you developed/determined the list (i.e. there are various techniques to identify risk....one is to use a brainstorming session) . NOTE: These are risks for the project....not risks that will occur once day-day operations of the project begins....focus on the project phases here.

·        Discuss the likelihood and impact analysis of those identified risks. Do not just say the risk is "High" and leave it at that, you need to discuss the way you arrived at/performed the analysis. Discuss for each risk you have identified.

·        Discuss how you will manage (i.e. mitigate, accept, transfer, etc) each of those risks you have identified.

There are 3 topics/areas to discuss which means there should be 3 sections/areas in the paper body....follow the order given to you above which logically lays out the steps to develop the risk plan.

· Section 1: Risks/how they were determined

· Section 2: Of the risks you just told me, discuss likelihood/impact

· Section 3: How those 3 risks will be managed

400-word section regarding a Project Control Plan in which you discuss control mechanisms for this project.

Format your project plan consistent with APA guidelines.

Thank you 

Category: Accounting & Finance Subjects: Behavioral Finance Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $100 - $150 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)

Attachment 1

Performance, Compensation, and Rewards

Qiana Reynolds University of Phoenix CPMGT/301 December, 14, 2020 Gary Denney


● Scenario

● Performance Measurement Methods ○ Management by Objectives

○ 360 Degree Feedback

○ Graphic Rating

● Financial Compensation/ Rewards

● Human Resource Plan

● Conclusion (Rabha, 2020)


Acme Shipping and Warehouse

● Outdated Shipping Software ● Hired Project Management

Team ● Utilize In-House Employees (Systemation, 2019)

Performance Measurement Methods: Management by

Objectives ● Goals oriented ● Employee & Manager

Collaboration ● Multiple Feedback Discussions

(Quantum Workplace, 2020)

Performance Measurement Methods: 360 Degree Feedback

● Feedback from Peers ● Feedback from Managers ● Influential to Job Performance(DeCarlo, 2018)

Performance Measurement Methods: Graphic Rating Scale

● Rating Scale 1 to 5 ● Good for production-based

company ● Done Confidentially(Shepherd, 2016)

Financial Compensation/ Rewards

● Pay rate stays the same ($20 - $25 per hour)

● Overtime Pay ($30 - $37.5 per hour)

● Yearly Bonus ● Profit-Sharing Program(Porter, 2019)

Human Resources Plan

(Covey, 2020)


● Performance Measurement Methods are key ● Utilization of Financial Compensation/Rewards inhibits positive

performance ● HR plan contributes growth and profitability

(Carder, 2017)

References Carder, E. (2017). Ad agencies increase profit margins despite lower fees and higher staff cost. https://www.campaignlive.com/article/ad-agencies-


Covey, S. (2020). Goal setting for team success. https://www.workbetterindia.com/our-solutions/ssb/leadership-development/goal-setting-for-


DeCarlo, L. (2018). Evaluating employee performance. https://rz.mdrt.org/html/2018hg-evaluating-employee-performance/

Kissflow Inc. (2020). 6 performance appraisal methods for the modern workforce. https://kissflow.com/hr/performance-management/employee-


Porter, S. (2019). Benefits and rewards - why employees want more. https://www.ngahr.com/blog/benefits-and-rewards-why-employees-want-more

Quantum Workplace. (2020). What every leader should know about employee performance. https://www.quantumworkplace.com/employee-


References Rabha, M. (2020). 11 tips for better and positive work performance. https://blog.vantagecircle.com/work-performance/

Shepherd, D. (2016). Top methods and techniques for evaluating employee performance. https://www.assessteam.com/top-methods-and-


Systemation. (2019). 5 must-have skills for project manager. https://www.systemation.com/5-must-have-skills-for-project-managers/?







  • Slide 1
  • Introduction
  • Scenario
  • Performance Measurement Methods:
  • Performance Measurement Methods:
  • Performance Measurement Methods:
  • Financial Compensation/ Rewards
  • Human Resources Plan
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • References

Attachment 2


Communication Media Paper

Qiana Reynolds

University of Phoenix

Project Management/CPMGT-301

December 21, 2020

Instructor: Gary Denney


Communication Media

Communication is the basis and central aspect in the cost management, scope

definition, trade-off achievement, management of risks, integration of procurement,

management of safety and health, finance, and environmental aspects of a project.

Everyone within the project deserves to receive information for them to collaborate in a

team. The sharing, integration, collation, and sharing of information about a project or the

project objective rely on the sender, the media, and the communication channel.

Communication should allow sending information, giving instructions, networking,

asking questions, requesting information, and building a team. Failure to communicate

effectively results in management flaws, the impossibility of managing costs, having a

cost effective project, and timely accomplishment of the project (Zulch, 2014). The project

manager, the project teams, and the other key stakeholders must pay attention to each

form of communication's role and effectiveness. In line with the already set plan, there will

be about three media of communication: written, electronic communication in the form of

emails, and oral communication.

Written communication is ranked as the most crucial communication method to

use during the execution of a project. Written communication is indicated to be accurate,

concise, free of ambiguity, discreet, and works towards enhancing effective

communication during the management of a project. Written communication is a sturdy

and reliable proof of whatever was done during the direction of a project.

Electronic communication stands in the second position of the communication

process. The project management process serves in real-time communications that have

to reach the stakeholders very fast for immediate action. As shown below, when

presenting the summary on the project status and reporting an outline of the weekly

progress and issues. In case they need information on what costs are incurred in the


level of the project execution or the budget information for confirmation, an email will be

the best media of communication. In the current times where meetings might not be

considered safe, or the managers have many tasks or are in different places that make

them far apart to hold meetings, emails would be the best way of having every

stakeholder receive information about the project. In fact, an email allows both a short

message and an attachment of either scanned or types information about a project to be

sent to all parties.

At times, it will be inevitable and essential to have oral communication. A meeting

is held between whoever is passing the message or reporting and who is receiving it. A

project has many phases that require a detailed analysis and a brainstorming moment

among the participants. Such times require that everyone be present at a central place

where they receive communication (Zulchi, 2014). If not on the phone, virtual meetings or

video calls are essential to telephonic communication.

Also, the project gate reviews in which there will be a presentation of the closeout

of the project phases and kickoff new phase and finally the technical design review in

which there will be a review of any technical designs or work associated with the project,

the use of in-person meetings will be necessary meaning oral presentations as a media of

delivery of information will be in use. Even a technical language can be explained when

face-to-face communication is embraced, and everyone talks or seeks explanations or

brainstorming of plans with the focus on the available information.


Communication Type

Description Frequency Format Participants/ Distribution

Deliverable Owner

Weekly Status Report

Email summary of project

status Weekly Email

Project Sponsor, Team, and

Stakeholders Status Report ProjectManager

Weekly Project Team Meeting

Meeting to review the

action register and status

Weekly In-Person Project Team Updated Action


Project Manager

Monthly Project Review

Present metrics and

status to team and sponsor

Monthly In-Person Project Sponsor,

Team, and Stakeholders

Status and Metric


Project Manager

Weekly Status

Report outlining weekly

progress and issues

Weekly Email Project Team Machine Upgrade

Status Update Team Lead

Project Gate Reviews

Present closeout of

project phases and kickoff next phase

As Needed In-Person Project Sponsor,

Team, and Stakeholders

Phase completion report and

phase kickoff

Project Manager

Technical Design Review

Review of any technical

designs or work

associated with the project

As Needed In-Person Project Team Technical

Design Package

Project Manager


Zulch, B. ( 2014). Communication: The foundation of project management. Procedia

Technology. DOI: 10.1016/j.protcy.2014.10.054