Wk 4 - Project Communication Management Plan [due Mon] Wk 4 - Project Communication Management Plan

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I attached the last two weeks' assignments of the scenario. I also attached an example of a paper so you can you as a reference guide. 

Discuss what communication mediums/methods (i.e. email, etc) will be used for each project stakeholder (that you just identified) and why that method is the most effective.  Create a 550-word Communication Management Plan for the project scenario  

Develop a table (insert in your paper)....note...this is a table...like what you would create in MS Word with columns/rows) in which you identify project stakeholders and the table also indicates their influence on the project.

Make sure you discuss the information contained in the table. In other words, do not just include a standalone table (i.e. see my post in the Class Announcements as well on tables/charts/figures), there must be a discussion of what your table is showing and telling the reader. Note the Table contents are not counting against the word count for the assignment.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Category: Business & Management Subjects: Human Resource Management Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $120 - $180 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)

Attachment 1



Communication Management Plan


May 27, 2019


Effective communication is a key to successful project management and project completion. The purpose of this Communication Management Plan is to define the communication requirements for the Shipping/Receiving Software Upgrade Project throughout the project’s lifecycle. This Communication Management Plan defines the communication requirements, media, frequency, and distribution in order to ensure that information is conveyed through proper channels in a timely and consistent fashion.

Roles and Responsibilities

To ensure the successful completion of the Software Upgrade Project, the roles and responsibilities of all key project personnel must be clearly defined with regards to project communication. In order to prevent overlap or gaps in project communication, the following roles and responsibilities have been identified:

Project Sponsor

Director of Operations, John D.: The Project Sponsor serves as the Software Upgrade Project’s oversight authority and is the ultimate authority of approving budgets and funding requests. As a sitting member of the executive committee, the Project Sponsor is also responsible for providing project status updates in the monthly executive committee meetings as required.

Project Team

Project Manager, Paul S.: The Project Manager is responsible for day to day management Project Manager is responsible for establishing communication requirements for the project, chairing all project meetings, and submission of all written reports. The Project Manager may delegate communication tasks to appropriate technical representatives or subject matter experts (SMEs) but is responsible for the timely completion of such tasks. The Project Manager is responsible for all information dissemination.

Deployment Team Member, Paul D & Jenn H: The deployment team is the SME on all information technology (IT) matters as well as capital equipment and procurement. As such, the technical representative is responsible for providing the Project Manager with all related feedback for use in project communications. The deployment team will participate in all project team meetings, status meetings, and will be included on the project’s distribution list. For project meetings the deployment team will act as the timekeeper ensuring that the meeting proceeds in accordance with the agenda.

Project Stakeholders

With numerous stakeholders involved, they are responsible for providing requested information to the Project Manager for use in project communications. The project stakeholders listed below are required to attend the monthly status meetings and will be courtesy-copied, when appropriate, on all project communications.

Director of Production, Vimaris G.

Vice President of Technology, Carlos M.

Director of Human Resources, Mike P.

Communication Flow

As the project proceeds, key forms of communication must be presented to the project participants and stakeholders.

Communication Type




Participants/ Distribution



Weekly Status Report

E mail summary of project status


E mail

Project Sponsor, Team and Stakeholders

Status Report

Project Manager

Weekly Project Team Meeting

Meeting to review action register and status


In Person

Project Team

Updated Action Register

Project Manager

Monthly Project Review

Present metrics and status to team and sponsor


In Person

Project Sponsor, Team, and Stakeholders

Status and Metric Presentation

Project Manager

Weekly Status

Report outlining weekly progress and issues


E Mail

Project Team

Machine Upgrade Status Update

Team Lead

Project Gate Reviews

Present closeout of project phases and kickoff next phase

As Needed

In Person

Project Sponsor, Team and Stakeholders

Phase completion report and phase kickoff

Project Manager

Technical Design Review

Review of any technical designs or work associated with the project

As Needed

In Person

Project Team

Technical Design Package

Project Manager

Communication Conduct

This section provides guidance to all project participants for conduct expected in meetings and other forms of communication. All participants are always expected to adhere to these guidelines to prevent unnecessary or ineffective communication.


The Project Manager will distribute a meeting agenda at least 2 days prior to any scheduled meeting. All participants are expected to review the agenda prior to the meeting. During project meetings the timekeeper will ensure that the group adheres to the time allotted for a given topic and the recorder will take all notes to be distributed to the team upon completion of the meeting. It is imperative that all participants arrive to each meeting on time and prepared. Meeting minutes will be distributed no later than 24 hours after each meeting is completed.

Electronic Mail (Email)

All email pertaining to the Software Upgrade Project should be professional, free of errors, and provide brief communication. If the email is to provide a status report, it should be distributed to the correct project participants in accordance with the communication flow matrix above. All attachments should be in one of the organization’s standard software suite programs and adhere to established company formats. If the email is to bring an issue forward then it should discuss what the issue is, provide a brief background on the issue, and provide a recommendation to correct the issue. The Project Manager should be included on any email pertaining to the project.

Informal Communication

Informal communication is a part of every project and is necessary for successful project completion. However, any issues, concerns, or updates that arise from informal discussion between team members must be communicated to the Project Manager so the appropriate action may be taken.


The signatures of the people below indicate an understanding in the purpose and content of this document by those signing it. By signing this document, you agree to this as the formal Communication Management Plan for the project.

Approver Name




John D.

Project Sponsor

Paul S..

Project Manager


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