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Category: Accounting & Finance Subjects: Behavioral Finance Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $150 - $300 Pages: 3-6 Pages (Medium Assignment)

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Business Studies Department Course Code: BAEB 2203 UTAS – Nizwa Course Title: E-Commerce for Business Tutor: Ms. Iram Fatima Semester 1 – 2020 - 2021

BSD-UTAS Nizwa Semester 1 2020 -2021


Instructions to Students:

1. Answer any one of the following two cases

2. Answer should be in detail with proper examples and references (Not less than 200


3. The Assignment carries 10 Marks.

4. Upload the assignment as a .pdf file using the Turnitin Assignment upload link on


5. The deadline for submission is 19th December 2020.

Attempt any one of the following case. Maximum Marks: 10

Assume that you are an E-commerce Business Advisor.

1. One of your clients wishes to expand his business and connect with other businesses of

the same kind with a network of suppliers.

a. What will you advise the client?

b. What recommendation can you give to the client in terms of E-commerce application

if orders come from customers that live outside the region or state.

2. Apart from selling the clients core products, discuss and explain how a client can provide

added value to customers by taking advantage of the following e-commerce application.

How can these applications promote knowledge sharing between the client, the customers

and suppliers?

a. Business to Consumer.

b. How to benefit Business to consumer?

c. Business to Business

d. How to benefit business to business?