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Open Posted By: ahmad8858 Date: 29/11/2020 High School Dissertation & Thesis Writing

Must see attached word document for instructions and excel document for grading rubric 

Must follow structure and requirements on Word document 

Need titles:  introduction, Data, Analysis, Reflection & Critical Thinking, Solution, and References

Category: Business & Management Subjects: Business Communication Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $150 - $300 Pages: 3-6 Pages (Medium Assignment)

Attachment 1

Week 6_Case Study Rubric

Week 6 Unemployment and Inflation Analysis: Case Study Grading Rubric
Requirements Possible Points Points Earned Criteria and Points
Excellent Competent Fair Poor Unacceptable
Introduction and Writing Style: Exhibits effective content and writing, including APA. Provides a clear definition of unemployment and inflation as well as a clear overview of the current unemployment and inflation status. Clearly describes the two issues the paper addresses (CO E). 25 Provides sufficient overview of current issues using sources in APA format Provides some overview of current issues status using sources in APA format Attempts to provide overview of current issues but sources are not properly cited Insufficient overview and sources are not properly cited Does not address unemployment and inflation
20–25 Points 15–20 Points 10-15 Points 5–10 Points 0–5 Points
Data: Appropriate level of content and data was used and data was current, relevant, and sufficient. Analysis and synthesis skills were applied to include a broad range of material, connecting theory with real data and/or experiences (COs E and F). 40 Sufficient historical and current data obtained from credible sources Current data obtained from credible sources, but data does not address all variables Data does not address all required macroeconomic variables Data does not address all required macroeconomic variables and data are not current Does not address the required macroeconomic variables
35–40 Points 30–35 Points 25 –30 Points 20 –25 Points 0–20 Points
Analysis: The creative process was applied where student formulated an identified challenge and was able to draw conclusions to develop scholarly thinking about problem or concept assigned (COs F and H). 35 Sufficient analysis of trends and causes of changes in all required variables Sufficient analysis of trends and causes of changes in some required …