300 words essay, DUE in 24 hours。read video subtitles

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1 page (300 word) reflection:

1. What questions do you still have about medicinal plants?

2. Reflect about the use and history of medicinal plants from this lab and your own experience with medicinal plants (or lack thereof). 

Please write approximately 300 words or one page using 1.5 spacing and file format doc, docx, or pdf.

I copy and paste the subtitles of the class recording, you need to write the reflection based on the document that i provide.

Category: Business & Management Subjects: Business Communication Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $120 - $180 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)

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• Hi everybody, welcome to lab seven, we're going to be talking all about

• 00:07 
 medicinal herbs and plants and it will be through a virtual tour of the U. Dub medicinal herb garden itself. So Eli, we who you guys have met a few times now throughout this quarter is

• 00:20 
 Going to be leading us through the garden with these videos, he was able to make last quarter and they're really great

• 00:27 
 Before we jump in. We had a couple of announcements. So first of all, assignment to, as I hope you all know is due next week on Wednesday, and because you have to track your intake for several days right Lexi.

 Alexandra Garrity

 Two days. So one weekend in one week day

 Sarah Perlin

 Yeah. So because of that you really want to get store. If you haven't started on,

you still have plenty of time. But you just need to start on it soon because it's do on Wednesday, so you can make sure to get the weekend in a weekday in 

• 00:57 
 And so, yeah. With that, we wanted to give a quick reminder about citations and

actually Lexi. Do you want to show really quick. Your screen.

 Alexandra Garrity

 So I am like citation police, as you all know very well.

 Sarah Perlin

 It's okay, it's okay. We just want to like give you guys a tip.

• 01:15 
 Because we 

• 01:16 
 Might help you out. If you are struggling with citations.

 Alexandra Garrity

 Yeah, and exactly. And just because like citations are incredibly important. And

you may not think that they will be after school ends.

• 01:29 
 But I can assure you that wherever you …