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Open Posted By: ahmad8858 Date: 26/11/2020 High School Dissertation & Thesis Writing

Thread 1

 What can you do as a teacher to manage the dynamics of diversity in your classroom? How can you differentiate for the culturally diverse students in your classroom to ensure a safe, supportive, compassionate, and caring learning environment without compromising your personal values and spiritual beliefs? 

Thread 2

 An educator overhears a conversation between two students. One of the students is talking about how dangerous it is to walk home. The student lives in an area with known gang activity. Every day, the student gets in fights with gang members while walking home. The educator stops the conversation and asks if the student is all right. The student shows the educator bruised arms and legs received in yesterday’s fight. The student has gotten used to it and does not want to involve the educator, since it is not happening on school grounds. The educator tells the student to be careful and does not discuss the situation with anyone else. The student walks home that day and gets beaten up again. How might this situation be approached differently to support the student needs? Include evidence from the Model Code of Ethics for Educators and Professional Dispositions of Learners. 

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