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Matsuda, Wu, Tamada 1

Group Assignment #7

Country #1 Netherlands:

(1) Brand Value

People in the Netherlands are big carbonated soft drink consumers. This fact coupled with good marketing holds potential for Jones Soda to create a high-brand value.

(2) Revenue Generation

In 2018, the Netherlands’ gross domestic product was 913.7 billion U.S. dollars. In totality, the Netherlands’ population drinks around 1.6 billion liters of soda per year. The average person drinks nearly 86 liters of carbonated soft drinks a year (Statista, 2018). For comparison reasons, Coca-Cola’s revenue was about €277 million in the year 2015. Their revenue in 2019 increased to over €350 million (Statista, 2019).

(3) Ease of Market Penetration

There are a few competitors against Jones Soda within the Netherlands. The favorites amongst the Dutch are Coca Cola and Coca Cola light. Half of the population that were polled sited that their favorite soda drink was Coca Cola (Statista, 2018). Another main competitor besides Coca-Cola would be a brand called Sisi. Sisi is a Dutch beverage under Heineken and they sell many different types of fruit-flavored soda drinks. Since it is a locally made product, Jones Soda would have to prove to have something special in order to be considered for purchase by the Dutch.

(4) Ease of Promotion Execution

The name Jones Soda could positively affect the image of their drink in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is famously known to be a very liberal country. Therefore, they are big supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. The reason that their name could affect them positively is the fact that there was a famous and very well-known American-Dutch actor and singer named Donald Jones. He ended up marrying a bisexual Dutch actress and they became the first well-known mixed-race couple in the Netherlands. The name Jones, for these aforementioned reasons, would be positively attributed to this company - especially in this current political climate.

Country #2 Brazil

(1) Brand Value

Brazil is known mostly for their banking category for their brand values. 33 of 100 latin american brands are from Brazil. The top three categories of brands that are successful in Brazil are banking, beers, and food. In addition, the total value of brands are on top when it comes to competing against countries like Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, and Cuba.

(2) Revenue Generation

In 2019, general government revenue (% of GDP) for Brazil was 30.8 %. Though Brazil general government revenue (% of GDP) fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to decrease through the 2000 - 2019 period ending at 30.8 % in 2019. Since 2008, where the revenue (% of GDP) was at 35.9%. Looking at the difference, there has been a decrease in revenue, however throughout the years there has been an up and down change.

(3) Ease of Market Penetration

Market entry strategy Brazil’s business culture is largely based upon personal relationships. Companies will need a strong presence and must invest time in developing relationships in Brazil. It is best to go to Brazil to meet business partners in person. One of the best ways to enter the Brazilian market is by attending local trade shows. It is essential that a business entering the market work through a qualified agent or distributor. Some firms establish an office or joint venture in Brazil.

(4) Ease of Promotion Execution.

Again, like previously stated trade shows, exhibitions and advertising are valuable ways of meeting potential customers. It is best to know that your sales literature is in English and in Brazilian Portuguese and is appropriate. Also ignoring local regulations, tastes and cultural preferences in advertising in Brazil is a recipe for failure.The advertising industry is considered one of the best in the world. Engaging the services of a local advertising agency is essential: make sure your messages are localised and sophisticated. As Internet usage is on the rise, effective websites that reflect Brazilian interests are a must.

b. You will be presenting these two choices to the CEO.

i. Which do you think the company will wish to enter first? (consider the decision criteria listed in “a”)

ii. Substantiate your choice with researched data and facts.