EP-2: Draft for Peer Review

Open Posted By: surajrudrajnv33 Date: 15/10/2020 Graduate Research Paper Writing

1.  pen the document and turn on the Track Changes feature in MS Word. 

2.  Read the Annotated Bibliography draft two times.

3.  As you read, use the comment feature to pose questions and make comments about the work to your peer. You can also type recommended changes into the document and they will show up in a different color.

4.  Compose an end comment that addresses the questions above.

5.  Save the edited documents to your compuater.


  1. Does a statement of scopePreview the document precede the list of annotations?
  2. Does the statement of scope provide context and explain the purpose of the source list?
  3. After reading the statement of scope, do you know what your peer is researching?
  4. Do the sources appear to represent a meaningful cross-section of scholarly literature on your peer’s topic?
  5. Do the annotations adequately summarize and evaluate each source?
  6. Do the annotations fall within the 200-250 word-count requirement?
  7. Do the annotations mention both the strengths and limitations of each source?
  8. Are the citations organized into proper MLA documentation format?
  9. Do you have any additional comments and/or suggestions?

Category: Engineering & Sciences Subjects: Electrical Engineering Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $120 - $180 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)