World Civilization before 1650. Gibby

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 How did the religion of the Mexica or Aztec people influence the development of their society? The Aztec were a strong military base society that used war to both conquer regions and obtain human sacrifices for their gods. They conquered the surrounding region to and used captives as human sacrifices (Tarlton, 2020).  What was Aztec daily life like? The Aztec made a lot of their own clothing and they started training for the military when they were 17 years old (AZTEC-ADT 2020). Having sure a lush region also meant they had a huge variety of foods available to them. Why do you think they combined religion and warfare together? They probably combined religion and warfare because if they were sacrificing so many people to their gods, they can’t continue to kill their own people eventually they would have an uprising if too many people were getting sacrificed. However, if the sacrifices mostly include captured advisories then people are probably way more into it. 

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