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Use case Chart type Status Risk factors by city and state Number of event per truck model Risk drivers cause of accident Truck model with most events Events counts per model Highest to lowest risk factor  Model analysis  Car Model Risk analysis Driver risk factor analysis Events group by velocity Rank model with departure Maps view events per category  Truck id / mileage  Event count by city

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The Truck Driver Risk Factor Cases: Data science & Big Data Analytics Group 3

Group members:

 Sneha Latha Naik Dharavath

 Chandrasekhar Divi

 Shashank Jangiti

 Rupesh Kumar Makula

 Pulla Reddy Manchala

 Chaithanya Kumar Mulakala


Creating data visualization analytics reports using Big data tools and techniques.

Predictive data models and future trends with the data sources.

Problem Statement

Data Workflow

Data source attributes

Data Visulization

Data visualization contd..

Data visualization contd..