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  1. What is one      philosophical theory or philosopher’s views that you have found particularly      interesting so far during the course? Explain the view and why you find it      interesting. Be specific and demonstrate good use of the      text. You can find something interesting without actually agreeing      with it. For example, you could talk about Aristotle’s virtue ethics,      or Descartes’ dualism, or Sartre’s existentialism. Choose someone who’s      clearly a philosopher (since the text does occasionally mention other      people). You want to choose a theory or philosopher that the text      discusses in sufficient detail. Remember, the text should be your only      source.
  2. What is another philosophical      theory or philosopher’s views that you have found interesting so far      during the course? 
  3. What does philosophy      have to do with the real world? Be specific and demonstrate good use      of the text. Give examples; you may want to give examples from you own      personal life. However, don’t let your examples take over; remember that      you’re still trying to demonstrate your understanding of some of the      relevant concepts from the text.
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