Role of School Nurse A4

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In an essay of 1500 to 2000 words, using at least 2 APA style cited references, write an essay in APA style on:

  1. Table 16.3 lists various government, nongovernment and NASN specific resources for health promotion at school. Pick one of each of the types discussing the resource, the description, with a thorough discussion of what the resource offers to health professionals and students.
  2. Discuss the CDC guidelines for animals in the classroom.
  3. Describe three vaccines (other than influenza), the disease that it prevents, and a description of the disease.
  4. Consider this: There are numerous cases of influenza in the school. Your principal asks what can be done. Extra cleaning? Close the school? Who would you consult with to make these decisions? After consulting, what would you suggest to your principal?

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