Martha, can you assist me please with a paper regarding emotional intelligence and it's importance to children development and or society please?

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Reflection Paper 2

This paper should integrate the material in the assigned reading and from two supplemental readings (one link may be included) listed on the syllabus on a topic from the beginning of this course through Unit 7 Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 that you can relate to through your own life experiences.

The paper should discuss the following:

1. First, what is something in the readings you have done for class, and/or in-class discussions, that triggered a reaction from you—perhaps something that struck you as extremely interesting, or weird, or scary?

2. Second, ask yourself why you reacted as you did? Explain your thoughts about this.

3. Third, consider how the material to which you reacted connects to your assigned readings beyond the particular something to which you reacted (e.g., be specific - the particular text reading and supplemental readings (one of which may be a link) listed on the syllabus ). Explain.

Using APA, use in-text citations citing your references and a bibliography at the end of the paper. (For in-text citation, if paraphrasing, cite author/s, year of publication. If using a direct quote, cite author, year of publication, page number.)

4. Fourth and this has most to do with being thoughtful, consider how the reaction raises a question that you begin to answer in this reaction paper—for example, “Why would anyone want to consider termination of a pregnancy?" What does this have to do with my giving up my personal freedoms, and what does this tell us?” “How could this issue impact on a child’s/adult’s development?” Working with clients also involves asking relevant questions that lead to other questions in trying to understand and making sense of their situations. Explain your thinking that leads to your asking this question and its importance.

5. In addition, consider how the reaction motivates you to find out more about a particular topic, which you begin to do in this reaction paper.

6. Consider whether the reaction motivates you as a social worker to make connections between and among course materials related in working with and assessing a client.

7. In addition to the assigned reading/s, students may also supplement their discussion with additional readings from “outside class,” such as from other courses. There may be also other possibilities that could be explored for being thoughtful about the work we are doing in this class.

8. Yes, four pages, double-spaced (if you need more, contact the instructor) is not a lot of room to do all this, but you should be able to begin to be reflective on a topic of importance to you that you think could impact your becoming a social worker in the future. Reread what you have written to see if you have covered everything and/or if you want to add additional thoughts/ideas.

9. A thoughtful reaction paper requires approximately 4 pages, exclusive to a page with references, double-spaced, Times Roman 12-point font). Students may submit this paper at the designated submission site in a Microsoft Word document). Content in students’ papers will be kept confidential.

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