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1. Create a database called “countries.accdb” that contains a single table COUNTRY. 

The fields included in this table should be in the following order: 

An ID number (This could be an Integer, or Text 5 characters; this field will be the primary key set as 1, 2, 3,… Note that choosing Text is fully acceptable since we don’t use these number in calculations) 

Country name (Text; 50 characters) 

Total area in square kilometers (Number/Double [precision])

 Land area in square kilometers (Number/Double) 

Population (Number/Double) 

GDP (Number/Double) 

Oil consumption (Number/Double)

 In general, total area and land area are different, because land area does not include lakes, rivers, and coastal waters claimed as part of the country’s territory. GDP is measured in US dollars per year and oil consumption in barrels per day. Once you created and saved this table, close it.

 2. Next, download and save the file countrydata.txt.                                                                                  Here is the link to that file --> (http://eckstein.rutgers.edu/database-textbook/countrydata.txt ) 

Load this text file it into the COUNTRY table framework that you created in the previous step by selecting the New Data Source button tab and pressing the “Text File” button. Now use the “Browse” button to navigate to the previously saved countrydata.txt file and select the “Append a copy of the records to the table” option. Click through the resulting wizard by pressing “Next” or “Finish” at each step to import the data. The countrydata.txt file is delimited by the character “tab,” which is the default delimiter. View the resulting table. 

3. Perform the following queries on the database you created in step 2. You can use the Query Wizard so that you can save your queries. 

3.1. List the countries from largest to smallest total area. 

3.2. Show the name and total area of all countries having at least 2 million square km total area. 

3.3. For each country that has at least 1 million square km land area and at least 20 million people, show the country name, land area, population, and population density, which is the population divided by the land area. Display the population density column in the “Fixed” format with two decimal places: this can be set in Design View. Sort the results from the least densely populated country to the most densely populated.

Category: Mathematics & Physics Subjects: Calculus Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $120 - $180 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)