Proposal for paper worksheet

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 To complete the Proposal/Source Evaluation Worksheet. After crafting your introduction paragraph (or two) per the instructions in "Writing a Philosophy Paper" you will list and evaluate a minimum of three resources you intend to use in completing in the final paper.  Keep the following in mind as you compile the resources: 


  • At least one resource must come from either the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy or the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Depending on the philosophy or philosopher some alternatives may be acceptable – check with your instructor).
  • It is good to find at least one peer-reviewed paper on either the philosophy or the topic or both. See the Philosophy Program Guide for links to many helpful resources. 
  • One can be from a credible internet resource such as Crash Course videos. TED or other scholarly, video resource. Depending on the topic, you may use websites or other credible online resources. What will be the best resource will depend on your topic.

 Theories topic to choose from:  

  • John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism
  • Natural Law Theory
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