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Rough Draft In his August 13, 2020 article for The Atlantic titled “The Wikipedia War That Shows How Ugly This Election Will Be”, Joshua Benton contends that…

 Harris is Joe Biden’s vice-presidential nominee  Controversy surrounding whether or not Kamala Harris is African American

I consider her to be an African American African American means many things and I feel as though Kamala Harris fits under that category

I think that the article was highly informative. The article stated several claims of the wiki users as well as their own claims. Research was provided to inform readers about the correct information regarding who Kamala Harris is. The article was pretty clear. It was easier to decipher the claims of the wiki users versus the facts that Benton provided about Harris. Examples of this includes … when wiki users criticized her for considering herself an African American. Wiki users disrespected Harris and referred to her as “Cuntala Harris”. The article made it a point to grant the proper information in order to correct the misinformed individuals who edited Kamala’s Wikipedia page. This article also openly discussed some of the backlash that Kamala received outside of the Wikipedia controversy. On Fox News Tucker Carlson, deliberately mispronounced Kamala’s name.

I consider Kamala Harris to be African American. There are many forms of being an African American. One way would be a person whose ancestors were from the continent of Africa. Another possibility is that an individual was born in Africa, then became a citizen of the United States of America, then they are considered an African American. This is because as a citizen of the U.S., you are an American. I feel as though the term African American is treated as if it is someone’s identity. A lot of the wiki users in the text brought up Kamala’s ethnicity, of being Jamaican & Indian and tried to associate it with race. You can also be African American if you are born to parents where one is African the other American. For Kamala, she is a citizen of the united states, and her father is of African descent. Her father being Jamaican, has roots that go back to Africa. The term African American to me, falls under both categories of Race and Ethnicity. “Wikipedia administrators and other senior editors have shed by the use of African American, noting the many years of news stories and official documents that have identified her as such. Wikipedia editing thrives on consensus, and amid all the debate, the consensus of editors was that a consensus had been reacted. (The word consensus currently appears 49 times in the discussion.)”. (Benton, The Atlantic).

I do believe the writer accomplished his purpose in writing the essay.

It is vital to understand that criticizing a woman is unacceptable. The fact that we live in a society that still is derogatory towards women, honestly just blows my mind. We have come so far as a society but at the same time it feels as if our leaps to move forward were just minor baby steps. Unfortunately, Kamala Harris was referred to as “Cuntala Harris” and people did not want to consider her to be African American. My question is to all those people is why does it matter?

Why does it bother you that Kamala considers herself to African American? Is it because you know she’s very powerful and confident, so you fear her potential as a Vice President? Why are attacking Harris and stating that she is ineligible to become a Vice President? Do you not want a woman to hold such a position of power?

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Rough Draft

“For Whom the Tok Tiks”

The article “For Whom the Tok Tiks” is about the app of TikTok. I will be discussing

their involvement with the US government as well as how they are many people saying that it is

not good for people and their wellbeing. Why is it not good for the people and their wellbeing?

In the article they discuss how the US government does not like how the app is owned

completely by a Chinese company. The president, Trump, wants a US owned company to

purchase the app in order to let the app keep their availability in America. As of right now I

believe the company Oracle has purchased the app and it will be continuing in the United States.

The set date that the company had to be purchased by was actually today, September 15th. The

reason all of this was such a big commotion was because a Chinese company had all of the

information of the United States users of the app and our government did not like that all.

Although the article states that the government would rather a US company own the app

they also talk about how US citizens are skeptical of any government having the information of

the app such as the United States. The United States has had issues in the past with using the data

that other social media platforms to their advantage. “Look at all the

trouble Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and others have gotten into regarding their choke

hold on information and their questionable stewardship of its use.”

Tik Tok is not a good app for the people and might only get worse as time goes on.

“TikTok is going to be America’s problem in America, or America’s problem in China, or both.”

The article I read was “For Whom the Tok Tiks” I believe that the company will stay

around due to the fact that an American owned company purchased it. The concerns about the

US government are definingly real and I feel that more people should talk about it.