Evaluating Purpose Statements

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For this Discussion, you will evaluate the purpose statements in assigned journal articles in your discipline and consider the alignment of theory, problem, and purpose. You will also explain your position on the relationship between research and social change.

Alignment means that a research study possesses clear and logical connections among all of its various components. To achieve these connections, researchers must carefully craft the components of their study such that when they are viewed together, there is a coherent interrelationship.

As you read the authors’ purpose statements, consider how well the intent of the study, and its connection to the problem and theoretical framework, is presented. Also consider if the purpose statement reveals the study’s potential for engendering positive social change.

As you know, social change is a distinguishing feature of Walden University’s mission. Positive social change implies a transformation that results in positive outcomes. This can happen at many levels (e.g., individual, family systems, neighborhoods, organizations, nationally and globally); and positive social change can occur at different rates: slow and gradual or fast and radical.

With these thoughts in mind, refer to the Journal Articles document for your assigned articles for this Discussion. You will switch your journal article assignment from Week 3. If your last name starts with A through L, use Article B. If your last name starts with M through Z, use Article A. Follow the prompt below for your program. (Riddick is the last name you follow) 


Post a critique of the research study in which you:

  • Evaluate the purpose statement.

    The Purpose Statement Checklist serves as a guide for your evaluation. Please do not respond to the checklist in a Yes/No format in writing your Discussion post.
  • Analyze alignment among the theory, research problem, and purpose.

  • Explain your position on the relationship between research and social change.

the attached has everything you need. please ask questions if needed

use subheadings 

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Attachment 1

Research Theory, Design, and Methods Walden University

Journal Articles

Locate your program below for the assigned journal articles to use for the Discussion assignments in Weeks 3, 4, 5, and 7. Please follow the instructions in the week’s unit and find these articles in the Walden Library .

If your program is not listed, your Instructor will post an announcement with your assigned journal articles.

You will focus on one article in each of these weeks for your Main Question Post; however, you are expected to read and familiarize yourself with all of the articles listed to effectively participate in the discussion. Consult the particular week’s Discussion area for instructions on completing the assignment.

For quick access, press CTRL + left-click on your program’s link below.

Criminal Justice


Week 4

(Riddick is my last name)

If your last name starts with M through Z, use Article A.

Article A:

Forster, M., Grigsby, T. J., Unger, J. B., & Sussman, S. (2015). Associations between gun violence exposure, gang associations, and youth aggression: Implications for prevention and intervention programs. Journal of Criminology, doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2015/963750

Required Readings

Babbie, E. (2017). Basics of social research (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

· Chapter 4, “Research Design”

Burkholder, G. J., Cox, K. A., Crawford, L. M., & Hitchcock, J. H.  (Eds.). (2020). Research designs and methods: An applied guide for the scholar-practitioner. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

· Chapter 20, “Writing the Research Proposal”

Purpose Statement Checklist

Use the following criteria to evaluate an author’s purpose statement.

Look for indications of the following:

• Does the statement begin with signaling words?

• Does the statement identify the research approach (quantitative,

qualitative, or mixed)?

• Does the statement clearly state the intent of the study?

• Does the statement mention the participants?

• Does the statement mention the research site?

• Is the statement framed in a way that is consistent with the identified


If the study is qualitative, does the purpose statement do as follows?

• Focus on a single phenomenon

• Use an action verb to convey how learning will take place

• Use neutral, nondirectional language

• Provide a general definition of the central phenomenon

If the study is quantitative, does the purpose statement do as follows?

• Identify the variables under study

• Provide a general definition of each key variable

• Use words that connect the variables

• Identify a theory

If the study is mixed methods, does the purpose statement do as follows?

• Discuss the reason(s) for mixing both quantitative and qualitative data

• Include the characteristics of a good qualitative purpose statement (as

listed above)

• Include the characteristics of a good quantitative purpose statement (as listed above)

• Indicate the specific method of collecting both quantitative and qualitative data

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