Wk 1, IOP 480: DISC Assessment and Reflection

Open Posted By: highheaven1 Date: 15/09/2020 High School Dissertation & Thesis Writing

 Assignment Content

Complete the DISC assessment on the 123test website by following the instructions outlined on the webpage. 

Write a 350- to 700-word reflection on your results.

Include the following:

  • What are your thoughts on your individual DISC assessment? 
  • How did the results align with your personal beliefs of your personality and preferences in the workplace?
  • How would you use these DISC results in a business setting?

  • Format your reflection according to APA guidelines.

    At least 1 scholarly reference. You must support opinions and any facts by citing credible sources in APA style in the body of the assignment and listing the references including at least one scholarly reference. 
Category: Mathematics & Physics Subjects: Algebra Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $150 - $300 Pages: 3-6 Pages (Medium Assignment)