Week 3 Art project

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Recognize the value of an art fair through the development of an advertising campaign for an existing fair.


Click the embedded video below to get started and continue on to the other videos, or access them individually:  


Step 1. Select an art fair below. You may select another fair with your instructor’s approval. Research the fair's history, when it started, and what it's known for. Identify where and when it occurs, which galleries participate, what artists participate, and what makes it unique.

Arco Madrid  •   Art Miami   •   Art Brussels   •   The Armory   •   Artissima   •   Frieze London   •   NADA   •   Art Basel

Step 2.  Choose a medium to advertise your chosen fair:  

  • Advertising Poster:  8"x10" arrangement with graphics and text

Step 3. Create your project using the research collected in Step 1. be sure to include all of the items listed in Step 1.  

Step 4.  Create a separate citation list of all sources used in alphabetical order. Include the article title, author, date, and website URL or publisher.

How to Submit:

 Poster Advertisement

  1. Save the file type as .jpg.  Upload it to the Completion box below. 
  2. Upload a source citation list as a PDF or .doc file 

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