Assignment 3 500 words

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After reading Chapter 2 of Looking at Movies and watching Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction" write an essay on the use of Cinematic Language, plus Expectations (p.35), Manipulation of Time and Space (p.43) , Patterns (p.36) in this film. 

You will find material related to Pulp Fiction under Course Materials>Unit Two. 

The interviews with Charlie Rose are especially important to understand Tarantino's approach to films: His idea about a participative audience; his comments on the director as the owner of "a vision", a director whose mission is to find the right people to make that vision possible; and Tarantino's understanding of a "cinematic moment" as the moment when the right images and the right music match, to create the "perfect " impression/mood on the audience.

The Google Slide on "The Language of Cinema" that you used for previous assignments, could be also useful.

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