5 Tips Seeping With a virgin

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5 Tips Seeping With a virgin

Hey guys it's mark your very own personal wing girl I'm gonna give you some insider information so you can get inside a woman's mind today I want to talk about sleeping with a virgin you might think that sleeping with a virgin would be hot but trust me it might be more than you bargained for here are my five reasons not to sleep with a virgin.

number one it's called a first love syndrome remember your first time of course you do everybody does losing your virginity is a pretty big deal and people tend to get attached to their first lover if you're not planning on sticking around once the deed is done then find somebody else, not a virgin to have a one- night stand with be realistic about what you want and if it isn't a relationship then get out of there.

number two responsibility if you're taking a virgin to bed you're taking somebody who is an experienced someone who doesn't really know what to expect and so you have a responsibility to ensure that they're relaxed and ready for sex the longer they've stayed a virgin the more important the virginity obviously is to them I hope you understand that you have the power in this dynamic right.

number three experience basically a virgin hasn't got any yes there's plenty of skills that they may have picked up without actually sleeping with someone but for the most part, they're going to need some guidance and while you might enjoy the power play of getting to be the teacher there's a lot of emotion tied to losing your virginity any woman who's a virgin is going to have this picture-perfect idealized vision of their first time which means there's a lot of scopes no matter how good you are between the sheets for the possible disappointment I think about all the aftercare you'll have to provide are you willing to do that do you want to do that you've learned a lot since your first time and you'll need to bring that experience to that.

number four experimentation this goes hand-in-hand with experience a virgin is likely to be nervous about their first time so it's pretty unlikely that you'll be swinging from the rafters waking all the neighbors you're gonna need to take things easy think missionary with plenty of reassurance so if you're looking for a while might have a passion or just some to try that with try looking for someone else who's more experienced.

number five are you ready forget them for a moment are you ready to take the responsibility for taking someone else's virginity you're always going to be there first time even if you leave so you thought you want to have sex with a virgin okay think again this kind of hookup comes with hang-ups and unless you're willing to stick around I'd suggest that you pick up someone with a little bit more experience for more tips on how to understand women and really figure out what you want whether it's in the bedroom or in the dating world go to win girl dating tips calm or you can check out my other Blog and click link Escort Service in Delhi and Escort Service in Faridabad on asking men calm