3 pages on how these movies relates to class

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The Big Short: (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1596363/)

House of Cards: (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1957928/) (my favorite, this is a documentary called “House of Cards” not the TV show!)

Inside Job:   http://documentarylovers.com/film/inside-job/

The assignment is to write a 2-3 page report (single spaced) about the film and how it relates to the material you learned in this class.

 Pick one film

This course offers students a thorough orientation in the fields of real estate investment and finance. It covers the basics of the real estate investment analysis, mortgage concepts, and the financing of residential and commercial properties. The topics include an overview of the major types of valuation models and approaches that are used for analyzing the chief categories of real properties. Alternative types of mortgages will be discussed. The course emphasizes and clarifies the many ways in which financing and investments in real assets are similar to --and yet different from--financial assets. 

Category: Business & Management Subjects: Human Resource Management Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $120 - $180 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)