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 A hands off leadership approach in the strategic planning process can work with the right team. Laissez-faire leadership is the kind of leadership that is very hands-off, your managers trust their employees and trust in their KSA’s. They give instruction, expectations , and take responsibility where necessary. In my fore department we use this approach when reevaluating our process. We have a group of core workers with a clear goals established. Each member handles the tasks assigned to them. Does the research, gets feedback from the organization through surveys and questionnaires. Upper management has their role in the team but does not micro mange each member. There is always work behind the scenes at all levels through this process and throughout the process the organization is aware of what is being done and keeping within the over mission of our organization. No process is perfect. If a team member gets off topic or off tasked they can be reeled in because regardless of the hands off approach we have rank and structure. 

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