human population in Jamaica

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1) research Jamaica's data .  Include a website link for the site you are using for the data. (try cia.gov  and the united nations)

2)  Research  on the internet and find the population data for 1900, 1950, 2000, and 2020 (or the most recent)

3)  Graph that data (now this can be by hand, or using a spreadsheet like excel.  The x –axis is year.  The y-axis is population number)  Include a title, and LABEL ALL AXES!

4)  If possible, find the values for Jamaicas birth rate, and country death rate, emigration and immigration.  

5)  Use the formula Population growth = Per capita Birth rate x # of individuals  

and try to calculate the Population growth for Jamaica.  

6)  Using your graph, estimate which age structure your country fits. 

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