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Develop a PowerPoint presentation based on original research of Fort Shaw Indian School Girls’ Basketball Team (1904)  

1.This presentation should be developed and organized according to the outline below: 

1. Title Slide

2.  At least three (3) slides in which you discuss the history of your topic 

1.  Each slide should include at least two (2) bullet points of detailed and specific information

2.  Try to paraphrase the information instead of using direct quotes 

3.  You are highly encouraged to include pictures related to your topic on your slides 

3.At least two (2) slides in which you explain the social / historical significance of your topic 

a. Address the following questions: what is the significance of the topic in relation to women’s sport history? Why is it important that we remember the topic today? 

What key issues are illustrated by the topic?

4. At least three (3) slides in which you relate your topic to some of the key concepts:
a. Your presentation needs to discuss at least three (3) key concepts from the course

(for example, the “contradictory female athlete”; “commodity feminism”: 

Intersectionality; Title IX; etc. etc.) 

5.The presentation should include a “concluding thoughts” slide in which you summarize your main points 

6.The final slide should be your “reference” slide 

  1. At least three scholarly, peer-reviewed sources must be used as part of the presentation. A peer-reviewed, scholarly source can be an academic journal article (i.e., Sociology of Sport Journal, Journal of Sport History), a full-length article from a reputable magazine or published outlet (i.e., New York Times, The Atlantic), a published book or ebook, or book chapter. 
  2. At least two popular or online sources must also be part of the research and presentation. The popular or online sources will typically address the student’s chosen topic, while the scholarly sources will typically address the context of the topic. Webpages can be used as a popular source, but typically will NOT count as a scholarly source (for specific questions about this see the instructor). 

NOTE: Avoid referencing Wikipedia and other encyclopedia or reference sites.

a. All references should be in the correct style of a formal reference system (i.e., Chicago, APA, MLA, etc.) 

·  Try not to use too many direct quotes from your sources. 

·  Don’t rely on video clips. Only one (1) audio/visual clip is allowed to be incorporated into the presentation. The clip can be NO MORE than one (1) minute in total length. Clips that exceed this limit will result in a deduction of points 

Category: Accounting & Finance Subjects: Finance Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $120 - $180 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)