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TOPIC : "How african Culture influenced in the diaspora"

1.The TOPIC memo is a written assignment designed to help you develop your research question/hypothesis for the literature review assignment. You will choose research question(s) / hypothesis and conduct preliminary research. The TOPIC memo must include your (1) TOPIC, (2) a purpose statement, (3) thesis statement, (4) statement of the research question(s) or hypothesis, (5) main points, (6) rationale, and (7) 6 research sources. The assignment must be typed and should be 2-3 pages in length (if single-spaced)

Final Research Proposal

The Final Research Proposal should be a detailed researched manuscript 5,000 words in length, that offers a comprehensive description of the research project you will undertake with a rigorous source citation. The proposal can focus on an either quantitative or qualitative study. You might expand one of your projects to make it the focus of more ambitious in your prospectus. Your prospectus should include:

1) a comprehensive narrative describing your project, including its rationale (why this TOPIC; why this format; why this approach), 

2) a discussion of the intended audience, 

3) a review of related projects (and how yours will differ from them or exist in conversation with them), 

4) a full discussion of research strategies and sources, 

5) an overview of research/production tasks, and 

6) a detailed discussion of your data sources, collection, and methods of analysis

7) a detailed discussion of the academic theory/theories used for analysis 

8) a comprehensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources

The ideal (read A) project prospectus clearly present all of the information above. It addresses the research paradigm, theory, and methods that are discussed in the literature in a clear and concise argument. The prospectus coherently indicates how the resulting study would contribute to communication scholarship in new and interesting ways. Finally, the ideal paper will be error-free. It will make full use of APA Manual of Style in areas of spelling, grammar, citation, and style. 

POWER POINT : A presentation including visuals of the thesis project





-WIZKID,DAVIDO, BURNA BOY (Biggest international  african artists )

-Conclusion: The role of the Media in this phenomenon

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