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Choose one of the Shakespearean sonnets from the selected list that connects with you personally.( I chose sonnet 15)

 Tell the reader about the memory evoked by the sonnet.  Write the story of this memory and give the reader the sensory details that bring the experience of the memory to life.

 Write a response of 300- 400 words to addressing the prompt.


 When I consider every thing that grows

 Holds in perfection but a little moment,

 That this huge stage presenteth naught but shows

 Whereon the stars in secret influence comment;

 When I perceive that men as plants increase, 5

 Cheered and check'd even by the self-same sky,

 Vaunt in their youthful sap, at height decrease,

 And wear their brave state out of memory;

 Then the conceit of this inconstant stay

 Sets you most rich in youth before my sight, 10

 Where wasteful Time debateth with Decay,

 To change your day of youth to sullied night;

     And all in war with Time for love of you,

     As he takes from you, I engraft you new.

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