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Use the Rubric to revise and edit the first draft. After all revisions, it should be good enough to be made into the final draft.

*If the file with the rubric does NOT want to load or open, use this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1beB9PiAtzctSmUfwl5-Q4HlZP761lhkR/view?usp=sharing

Category: Mathematics & Physics Subjects: Physics Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $100 - $150 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)

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Average 15 Below Average 10- 0

Argumentative Research Paper Rubric

Superior 25

Anc{"r*r.- Above Average 20

A Works Cited page is included after the conclusion of the

on the following

- trtffur*

Several formatting errors in essay, Works Cited, or

None of the evidence properly cited.

parenthetica I



-1,11€ WeY 0ovO-

The entire document follows MLA rules.

All evidence is properly cited.

A Works Cited page is included after the conclusion of the essay on the following page. Each citation follows MLA style and formatting guidelines.

A Works Cited page is included after the conclusion of the essay on the following page. One or more of the citations do not follow MLA style and formatting

The entire document


5ovlt €-

generally follows MLA rules. t



Significa nt formatti ng errors show the writer ?Rde little to no att+mpt to follow MLA



The writer plagiarized evidence.

No Works Cited page.

TS is unclear and does not align with any particular body paragraphs.

Restatement missing altogether.

No attempt at topic sentences.

&rg C\er 0t

\\m +(.}

ifttrJ lro1&tln€r" )

Main ldea'er one 5 The writer presents a clear

,and fully developed thesis

includes three main claims a topic, and an opinion in one sentence.

Clea rly and effectively referenced in topic

Restated TS appears in the conclusion.

sentences.-$.5f9 5

(TS), which which contains three main claims, a topic, and an opinion, but ideas are not in one sentence or are not parallel.

It is somewhat referenced in the topic sentences.

{ €Jtl,$nn ft\so, Y

The writer TS, TS hints at the main iCeas, but it does not clearly outline the claims discussed. TS may not be restated in conclusion.

A minimal attempt at topic sentences.

f r.,r0u4r; trY'th i't{



inh: n+

I Content

-r ..[ Li'YCrt'

I strongiy feel well

The writer's claims are well developed and directly relate to the thesis.

The supporting details are concrete and so rich that reader learns by reading the

Refutation acknowledges the opposing view and argues it thoroughly and logically.

Complete mastery of the topic.

informed. I feel well informed.

The main claims are presented and directly relate to e thesis, but one or more may lack enough detail and development.

Yet, the essay is worthwhile reading.

Refutation acknowledges


the oooosine view and# argues it logically but not thoroughly.

Good mastery of the topic.

I feel slomewhat lh{orme}.

Central claims are present,

but one or more may lack development or may not directly relate to the thesis.

The essay minimally meets the assignment's requirements and contains sufficient details to make the overall point clear, but it leaves the reader with unanswered questions.

Refutation does not argue oooosins views loeicallv or

-g"tit"lL* dh.;.r fi,,/ , some master;Tt fr? .Jl,t.t i

The main claims are not sufficient.

There is a low/skimpy/vague development of ideas and a weak or non- existent link to the thesis.

Refutation is missing or vague.

Little to no mastery of the topic.

p.ewil Y(l(- rtetf-r

I feel

to elaborate and support their points within their body paragraphs.


integrating appropriate


qG cl --t

The writer smoothly and effectively uses appropriate quotes to elaborate and support their points throughout their body paragraphs.

The writer uses some quotes to effectively elaborate and support their points within some of their body paragraphs.

ed.- \+ {,-\L"e {

Writer seldom uses appropriate quotes to elaborate and support their points within their body paragraphs.

hu^*,h - U,*,'*

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Comments: h


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" lrnj hJ amn"ty e YPoses I o, 4/

f.# *dr*t +w - w *{<'rf edn'A*L

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