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Rewrite last paragraph of the essay. Remind the reader of main points of the essay

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Iryna Olson

5 Paragraph cause/effect essay.

A letter urging a young person not to make a bad choice with serious consequences (dropping

out school)

Dear Young Person,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirit. I recently came to know about your

decision of dropping out of school. I can not stop thinking about it ever since and really wanted

to write to you about that. I know you are making this choice after carefully thinking about it and

analyzing it. But i really want to motivate you to go over it one more time. Education is

fundamental when it comes to educating and changing a person and their outlook on life. You

might disagree but the role that proper education can play in one’s life is very obvious. I know

your life looks very difficult right now and dropping out of school seems like the best thing to do

but trust me it is not. It might seem perfectly reasonable to do so right now but eventually you

might regret it. I do not want to force you but I mean this is a piece of sincere advice.

I came to know about your declining academic grades and performance over the past few

years. I know it can get tough but that does not mean that you should give up. Being a student

can get very difficult at times. Being able to balance your personal life with your academics,

while also struggling with the anxieties of growing up is very overwhelming. All these pressures

can make damage on your mental health and can make you suffer. All these anxieties

combined, obviously create tons of pressure and stress on your brain.

I remember being in high school and I was suffering from something personal. The last year of

high school was particular tough for me as every day I woke up with a wish to give up. Some

days were tougher than others while some were better than others. However, the idea of

dropping out never left my mind throughout high school. At that time dropping out seemed like a

perfectly rational thing to do. I used to think if i would drop out, it will make all my problems and

the things I am struggling with go away. But now that I look back and analyze the situation back

then, it is very clear to me that all stress that I was facing both at school and at home was

resulting in a cloudy judgment on my part. You need to believe that you are stronger than the

problems you are facing. For now, it might seem like that the things you are going through are

never going to end, but believe me that is never the case.

Dropping out of school would not solve your problems but instead will increase them in the

longer term. As i was saying now that I look back, I am better able to understand the emotions I

was feeling and the place I was in. However, there are still some things I am trying to figure out.

I am not saying that staying in school will help you figure out everything in life but believe me it

will help. I would really suggest that instead of dropping out completely, you can take a break

from your school. You can take a gap year and have a closer look at life and try to understand

what is it that you really want to do. Take a step back, breathe, rethink what you want to do in

your life. Just make sure that when you grow old, you do not have any regrets in your life.

I really think you will rethink your decision of dropping out. You are so young right now and you

have entire life ahead of you. Do not lose hope as things will get better with time.

Take care of yourself.

Sincerely, Iryna.