Supply Chain management

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75-150 words per question

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i have attached BOTH case studies to help answer questions 

1-3 is Case Study 1 pg 502

4&5 Case study 2 pg 507


  •  Briefly discuss SCM’s influence on each of the four areas of strategy to address mitigation strategies that Nicole could potentially implement.


  •  Using a systems thinking and process management approach along with the associated elements, what suggestions would you offer Nicole to include potential reengineering efforts?

Question 3

Briefly describe operational design and control decisions you would make relevant to helping Nicole to improve the supply chain management framework at Best Inc.?

Question 4

For questions 4 and 5, use Case 4: Quality Upstream at HI-TECH Semiconductor on page 507.  Ty Rock is the Purchasing Director at HI-TECH and responsible for increasing the quality of semiconductor manufacturing equipment for customers, such as Intel, Motorola, and National Semiconductor.  Ty is however experiencing challenges with his Tier 2 supplier NPF to adopt the Small Business Operating System (SBOS) quality improvement initiative and with customers growing impatient to obtain quality improvements. How should Ty proceed?

Question 4

Using the formalized risk management elements, describe the risks that HI-TECH faces using an “if A occurs and then B is the result” approach, categories associated, assess the potential outcomes, and what solutions are available for Ty to mitigate the quality issues?

Question 5

Using the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis described in Chapter 6, identify (2) components of each SWOT analysis category?

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