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please write my discussion on Budweiser using the instructions in the attachments  

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In this discussion forum, you’re going to take the geodemographic system Clarit segment best describes you. Then, exploring map data, you’ll assess how comm

where you live and where you could live among more people like yourself! Final your segment’s profile, you’re going to suggest a promotion for your internship b

specifically to your segment.

Instructions Part 1

• Visit the Claritas ZIP Code Look-Up. o Enter your zip code and hit submit.

o Review the information including the “Households by Income”, “H Composition”, “Popularity by Age”, and “Popularity by Race & Eth

• Discuss, in detail, to what extent does this information match you and yo common your segment is where you live.

Part 2 Now it’s time to think deeper about segmentation and targeting to market your p

service for your internship company. • Visit the Claritas Segment Details page.

o Once you click on the “Narrow segments” filter, you see a list of d geographic, and lifestyle crtiteria for segmention to turn on or off.

o Turn on a few filters that match best to your target markets to see categories.

o From the narrower selection, click on one or two of the segments information.

• Explain how the segment fits as a target for your proposed product or se o What are the lifestyle and media traits of that segment?

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Discussion Forum 1. Finding and Targeting Your People [WLOs: 3, 4] [CLO: 4]. 1st Post Due b

beginning work on this discussion forum,

Read • Week 4 Lecture • Chapter 7 of the course text, Principles of Marketing

Geodemographic Segmentation: Finding Your People Geodemographics is a common and effective means to segment potential cu

demographic (e.g., gender, age, income, marital status) and psychographic ( spending habits, values) data, households can be classified into segments, a

attractiveness of these segments for your product or service can be determin

2/27/2021 BUS330.UAGC.CG.2021.01.20.SMD.pdf: Ashford Student Course Guides

https://ashford.instructure.com/courses/1414/files/14672197?wrap=1 2/2