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Open Posted By: ahmad8858 Date: 28/02/2021 High School Report Writing


You use your problem-solving skill every day, even when you don’t  realize it. For example, maybe you need to be at work for an important  meeting, but your child is sick. How do you make arrangements so you can  get to your meeting?

Or imagine you’re trying to make pancakes on Sunday morning, and you  have one egg when the recipe calls for two. How do you finish your mix?

Or maybe your rent is due tomorrow, but you’re short $150. What do you do?

  • Share a problem you’ve recently encountered in your own life and  outline the steps you took to solve it. What were the possible  solutions? (For example, if you knew you were going to be short on rent,  would you borrow the money or ask your landlord for an extension, and  why?)
  • Explain how you determined the best course of action for your situation. In the end, how did you ultimately solve the problem
Category: Mathematics & Physics Subjects: Algebra Deadline: 12 Hours Budget: $150 - $300 Pages: 3-6 Pages (Medium Assignment)