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 Brittney Crowson,

In Us and Them, David Sedaris' purpose is to show how much influence television has on personal thought and behavior. This is shown by the Tomkeys talking at the dinner table over a late-evening dinner, rather than eating in silence while watching T.V. hours earlier. In the beginning, the young boy wondered in disbelief, "What must it be like to be so ignorant and alone? Could a normal person even imagine it?"(Sedaris, 2005) (Bullock & Goggin, 2019).This sentence sets the tone of disbelief by stating what the narrator thinks of the Tomkey children.

In Who is Malala, Malala Yousafzai's purpose is to tell her side of the fateful day that not only changed her life, but almost ended it. The tone for this story is nostalgic. From the first sentence, "One morning in late summer...," we know that Malala is recalling past events (Yousafzai, 2013) (Bullock & Goggin, 2019).

Both stories are narrated by children with strong ideas of what should be. These stories however do not share a common topic or message. As the section states, they are simply memoirs. I believe the perspective of a young boy versus a teenaged girl also weighs on the contrast side. Because Malala Yousafzai is more mature, she seems more clear minded which helps portray her purpose better (Bullock & Goggin, 2019).

The 3 paintings are all the same subject: Van Gogh's famous Potato Peeler painting. The image on the left is the original. I believe him to be about 40 years old. He has bags under his eyes from being awake countless mornings before the rooster crows. The middle artwork is an abstract version of the original painting. It pops mores due to its bright colors on a black background. Lastly, the right image is a more modern realism piece. It is my least favorite because even though it is a more focused image, it lacks the details that the original had such as the deep, aged eyes and orange hair.

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