Ethical Case Study: Part 3

Open Posted By: ahmad8858 Date: 21/02/2021 High School Case Study Writing


Solve the case in 2-3 pages. Part 3 includes:

  • Indicate which course of action you would choose, and why. If you were personally involved in the scenario, you can detail what you DID do compared to what you WOULD do given what you have learned in this course.
  • Provide your own opinions: do not rephrase the opinions of others, create your own, unique viewpoint based on your ethical philosophy, ethical decision-making framework, and the context and scenario of the case.
  • Clearly demonstrate and explain how the pros of your solution outweigh the cons.
  • Use the facts of the case and supporting resources to convince your readers of the soundness of your ethical point of view


  • Use consistent formatting throughout (12 pt font, Times New Roman, single-spaced).
  • Review your paper thoroughly for grammatical issues and typographical errors!
  • Use an APA-style cover page and reference page.
  • Cite your sources (do not use Wikipedia or Blog, etc.) and list them in a reference page per APA style. 
  • At minimum use 5 resources that are published no more than five years ago. Choose scholarly resources (i.e., peer-reviewed journals, sources from your industry/organization, and (sparingly) the textbook.
  • 2-3 body pages (single-spaced, not including cover page and references).
Category: Mathematics & Physics Subjects: Mathematics Deadline: 24 Hours Budget: $80 - $120 Pages: 2-3 Pages (Short Assignment)