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The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, an interest group, has created a mock federal budget. Click on ​ http://crfb.org/stabilizethedebt to start.

Read the summary. To begin the simulation, click the "Next" button above. Your goal is to stabilize the debt at a reasonable level which is the first step in improving our fiscal health. Steadying debt held by the public at 70% of the economy in 10 years is a realistic level for the near term.

There are eight categories where your choices will affect the debt. Negative numbers next to a choice indicate how much the debt will be reduced, positive numbers add to the debt. Use the "Next" and "Back" buttons to navigate to each section; do not use your browser's navigation arrows. Click the "Done" button when finished making all the choices you want. The bar graph on the right will chart how your choices affect the debt-to-GDP ratio relative to the 70% goal. Visit the FAQ page for more on how the exercise works. .

1. What Investments did you make? Why? 2. Did you cut anything? What and why? 3. Were you able to stabilize the U.S. Debt at 70% of GDP by

2029? If not, when? 4. What policies and departments do you think are most important

to protect in the US Budget? 5. Do you think the current US Congress can reach an agreement

on the budget by the due date this year? Can they balance the budget? How has the coronavirus affected the budget?


● Answers for each questions should be roughly 100 words, or one paragraph, in length.

● Answer all prompts. ● Answers should be written 100% in your own words so that I

can assess understanding. Do not copy or quote answers directly from your sources. Please re-state or paraphrase. This assignment allows me to assess comprehension.

● Turn in work on time. Late work is accepted up to 2 days late, with deductions.

● No more than 10% of your posts should be directly copied. That which is copied should have citation.

● Include a source list. ● I recommend working in a word document. Work must be

submitted in .doc, .docx. , .rtf or .pdf.