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Null Hypothesis (Ho): There is no relationship between winning and going for the playoffs  

Alternative Hypothesis (Ha): There is a relationship between winning and going for the playoffs.

Hypothesis refers to an assumption made based on some evidence. The hypothesis can be a suggested solution for an occurrence not explained that does not match the existing scientific concept. Often, the primary idea about the hypothesis is that there is no pre-determined result. There are two primary forms of hypotheses, the null and alternative hypotheses. The null hypothesis illustrates that the researcher's prediction is not correct, while the alternative hypothesis confirms the researcher's prediction as true. Thus, to decide between the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis, the researcher must carry out a sample t-test to determine the research outcome.

In the scenario, the researcher (coach) hypothesizes the outcome of the research (game). The coach illustrates two possible results of the game and describes how the two variables (winning and going for the playoffs) are associated. The coach demonstrates that the first condition is winning and then going for the playoffs. However, if the team loses the game, they will not go for the playoffs, which implies that their season is over.

In this scenario, the null hypothesis tests if winning is not associated with going for the playoffs (that is, there is no relationship between winning and going for playoffs). On the other hand, the alternative hypothesis confirms that the coach's statement is true (the team will go for the playoffs if they win). If the team wins and goes for playoffs or losses and their season is over (outcome), the null hypothesis will be rejected, and the alternative hypothesis accepted since this will confirm that there is a relationship between winning and going for playoffs.



I want to help you out a little bit as you need to write out the null hypothesis as well as the alternative (scientific) hypothesis.

Here you could use the mu (symbol for mean) or use the actual numbers for the mean of your data set.  

Take a look at the symbols and create a null and alternative hypothesis for your scenario:

H0: µ1 = µ2

HA: µ1 ≠ µ2

Please create something applicable to your scenario choice that would use the correct symbols.

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