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1.For these question, please read Scenario then answer, next read second question and answers. Scenario: Marge and Helen have visited many ethnic restaurants and gone to several museums to view cultural exhibits. Now they are starting to think about work styles and jobs in the countries they will visit and the relationship of culture to business. They have decided to search for a visual (such as a photograph), an article, or a news story of a current (within the past five years) event involving an intercultural business situation. Once they have the visual, article, or news story in hand, they plan to identify and describe at least one of the components of social episodes expressed in it.

Find and post your own visual, article, or news story of a current event involving an intercultural business situation, and describe the social episode you think it expresses. Be sure to choose an event that in some way illustrates at least one of the five components of social episodes.

2. In our modern world, it's becoming easier and easier to get distracted and lose sight of your goals. In this question, choose one of the possible distractions below and discuss how you would move beyond that distraction to finish your work.

  • Your phone has been blowing up all day with drama, and you have an assignment due!
  • You're managing a large group of people, and you're finding it hard to solve their problems and tackle your own work too.
  • There has been a major storm in your area, and you're stuck working from home—along with the rest of the family.
  • You have a huge amount of work sitting in your inbox, but it's the first good weather day of spring.
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