Comparing I Found Her Out There and Your Last Drive Thomas Hardy

� Compare 4 of Thomas Hardy's poems In this essay I will compare The Going, Beeny Cliff, The Voice and Your Last Drive by Thomas Hardy. I will discuss the ways in which he presents an image of his late wife Emma. The Going, like most of his poems about Emma, is written in the first person. Hardy is obviously speaking for himself. It is in a monologue form, addressing Emma asking question, that only she could answer. Similarly to this, in The Voice, it is almost as if Hardy is trying to communicate with Emma. This poem, as with The Going, is also in the first person and Hardy imagines that Emma is talking to him, telling him that she is not the aged woman she had become through their marriage, but the woman she was when their "day was fair". Again, Your Last Drive is addressed to Emma.

Your Last Drive by Thomas Hardy, read by Ben Kelly - YouTube

Your Last Drive by Thomas Hardy, read by Ben Kelly Benjamin Kelly

Public Domain Poetry - Your Last Drive by Thomas Hardy