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Of course, I don’t know what your life is about. Mine is about writing my own story. However, I do hope that you can relate to it. Life is about giving content to our page in the big book of humanity. I write my own story. A story can be written using words, colors, a canvas and some brushes, a business idea, a violin, a balafon, love, friendship and whatsoever comes to your mind. There is you, there is the big book of humanity, with a blank page somewhere inside it just for you. There is always a way to write a story down. I write my own story. That’s why I try to live my life like a never-ending weekend. Thanks God, it’s Friday!

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What should I write in my letter to my husband to make him stay?

“What should I write in my letter to my husband to make him stay?” she typed into the search box.

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