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Yes, the Waterloo AFMAA is coming up soon (April 2nd) for all students applying to AFM. That being said, who's writing it? How well do you think you will do (how ...

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Right now I'm about to head into second year for UTSC Co-op Mgmt. However recently I've spoken to a CA and he said that if I was truly serious about becoming a CA, I should head to Waterloo AFM-PA.

And Ofcourse, He just got accpted by Waterloo AFM

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University of WaterlooAFM 102 Winter 2013Introduction to Managerial Accounting (All sections)Instructors: Khim Kelly, Ian Burt, and Adam PressleeFINAL EXAMTuesday April 16, 4:00 6:30 PMSTUDENT NAME: _STUDENT ID: _UWDIR/Quest Id: _LECTURE: (select