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The answer to what "Ismail Ax" means . Ever since the Virginia authorities announced that the Virginia tech killer had the words "Ismail Ax" scrawled in red ink on his arm, there's been an internet frenzy to figure out what he meant by it. The answer is that Seung-Hui Cho -- the cholerically enraged psycho who, sadly for all of us, ultimately acted out his violent anger -- did NOT write Ismail Ax on his arm.

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Explanation of the Virginia Tech killings in terms of the killer's defective character has led institutions across the continent to search for new ways of identifying students who are dynamite in disguise, and for protecting campus communities from them when they go off. When should mass emails of warning be sent? When should a campus be locked down? How can Emergency Response measures be improved? Is tighter gun control the answer, or should students be allowed to arm themselves?

Virginia Tech killer's chilling video taunts - Telegraph

In 2007, a Virginia Tech student killed 32 people and himself during a shooting rampage.

And here comes the inevitable "it's all the media's fault": Among the many disturbing images included in the "manifesto" Cho Seung-Hui sent to NBC is a photo of the Virginia Tech killer , the ultraviolent revenge film from South Korean director Chan-woo Park. Or so says VT professor Paul Harris, whose hypothesis was soon picked up by the London's Evening Standard and repeated all around the world, with some commenters in online forums going so far as to say Cho's entire massacre was based on the film.