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York University and Magikarp are both immensely underestimated. In the Pokémon world, trainers often overlook Magikarps because they hold the distinction of being mostly useless. Similarly, York University is typically the butt of every joke among Ontario universities, regardless of the countless awards and achievements that it has under its belt. But just like Magikarps, which are able to survive in even the most polluted ponds, York students are immune to the venomous insults and harsh criticisms that are often thrown at them.

Pokemon Japanese Web University Magikarp Promo RareMint

You are bidding on a Rare Japanese University Magikarp Web Promo from 2001. This card was only available in japan during 2001 and were not available in any stores, you had to order them off the web, which explains the name Web Promo. This card is extremely difficult to find and is very sought after because of the illustration. The Illustration is of the infamous university Magikarp 1998 Trophy Promo only available in japan, and is your chance to own the card with the same illustration for a low price. The card is in mint condition and was taken from its original packaging and put directly into a soft sleeve and toploader. The picture is of the acutal card so take a look and see for yourself. I will be listing more Web series japanese promo as well as the Ultra Rare trophy cards, so check out my other listings and stock up! If you have any questions please ask, t are no dumb questions, and I will be more than happy to answer anything that is on your mind. Also I check eBay numerous times a day so I will get back to you immediately. I do ship internationally just ask for a price on shipping.

Pokemon 1998 University Magikarp Trophy Card PSA 8 - YouTube

You are bidding on a Rare Japanese University Magikarp Web Promo from 2001