How to Understand a Serial Killer's Intentions

Understanding through science might be a little hard to comprehend for an average person, but we can try to understand that most serial kills are psychopaths. But understanding the serial killer doesn't justify what they did. But there is a chance by understanding the mind we can ent children turing into this or if they do we can realize this is happening and get them help. This will help protect the comunity and maybe with further research we can find a way to heal people with this mental disorder. Jeffrey Dahmer was cimited of 15 murders and was sentenced to 936 years in prison. An inmate beat Dahmer to death with a bar from the weight machine.

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The stereotype of a sexually sadistic killer has become paradigmatic in scholarly efforts to understand serial killers. Definitions, research methods, and typologies reflect this paradigm. Serialists who do not match the stereotype are excluded on arbitrary grounds. Methodological problems associated with data sources manipulate and distort the findings. Official statistics are plagued by incomplete reporting and inaccurate classification. Leyton (1996:37-38) argues that criminologists have forgotten that ideology is the enemy of science: ”...criminological writings tend to be factious, partisan and combative." The study of violence, in general, has become extraordinarily politicized, with various competing interest groups struggling for positional dominance (Jenkins 1994; Leyton 1996). The structure of the academic enterprise and crude methodological tools are seen as fundamental to the dogmatism that plagues academia.

The Year We Began to Understand Serial Killers

Understanding Serial Killers

Leyton (1996) advises scholars to abandon academic ‘turf wars,’ remove self-serving politics from ‘science,’ and adopt interdisciplinary tactics to more fully understand the serial killer phenomenon. Lion (1991) adds that human violence originates from diverse etiologies, ranging from the organic to the functional.