UC Davis marching band performs Smash Bros.-themed halftime show

Being a member of the UCLA Bruin Marching Band is a great way to make new friends, keep playing your instrument and be an essential part of UCLA Spirit! Over forty different academic majors are represented in the Band.

UCLA Bruin Marching Band | Est. 1929

In January 2008, the Clinton campaign did not pay their bill for an appearance, causing the University to threaten to refer the total amount (including cleanup fees, etc) to a collection agency in April. $500 was for the UC Davis Marching Band.

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“I think a lot of people in the Bay Area don’t know that we are the largest marching band in the UC system,” Hannum said. “Hopefully this will turn an eye in that the UC Davis marching band is pretty darn good.”

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. - The Pride of the Kentucky Mountains UC Marching Band has been hard at work during their week of band camp and will be presenting a preview show on Thursday, August 20th at 5:00 p.m. on the marching band field. This show will include the opening music and drill for this years half-time show along with a demonstration of various marching maneuvers that the band has been perfecting during the week. The preview show will last about 20 minutes and will provide an entertaining look into what the band has in store for the upcoming marching season.Dr. Terence G. Milligan, former director of the Bands, became the eleventh Director of Bands at UC in 1979. During "Doc's" time, the band went through a style change to the glide step that is currently used. In the fall of 1981, Dr. Milligan introduced the Rifle Line to complete the UC Color Guard. Dr. Milligan also reintroduced the tradition of charging down the stadium steps during pre-game that had been lost over the years. In the winter of 1986, students in the band organized the "Varsity Clown Band", which entertained the crowds at basketball games throughout the season. Although popular with the crowd, the Clown Band was disbanded after only two years of performance. In 1987 Mr. Eugene Corporon took the position as Director of Wind Studies at CCM. His new position at UC included responsibility for the Bearcat Bands, and so in the fall of 1988 he instituted "Campus Band". This new band was designed as a year round concert band open to all students, faculty, and employees at the University of Cincinnati. Due to changes in the athletic department and the introduction of a new University Dance Team, the Bearkittens were disbanded in the fall of 1989. In 1993, the Bearcat Bands were dropped from CCM funding and for a brief period, the band found itself completely independent of any university sponsorship. Mr. Matthew McInturf, a CCM graduate student, was hired as the interim director of the UC Bands. In the spring of that year, the band was officially transferred from C CM to the Athletic Department. The band also went to an off campus location for band camp, the first time since it was moved on campus by Dr. Milligan. Student members in the band were very excited with the leadership change and off-site band camp, which created a much improved marching band for the 1993 season.