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Among the three major essay assignments I am most proud of my second one, which is the critique essay. It assesses the strengths and weaknesses in an article called Two Ways to Belong in America by Bharati Mukherjeer, who through out the course of writing became my inspiration, my new role model. I have revised the essay twice, respectively from Sieun and Madhav’s assistance. I made a drastic change to my final draft in terms of content structure, the way I organized my paragraphs. It seems like I have too much to say and there’s a lack of transition between the paragraphs, weakening the coherence of my writing. However, I had enjoyed the process of evaluating an article and sought for its merits and demerits, which helped me come to a realization of what to avoid when writing a similar form of essay like Mukherjeer’s. In addition I was extremely confused when I first glanced at the article which was published in 1996. And what baffled me the most was the article’s topic: immigration and American laws associated to it. I am definitely not familiar with happened 17 years go regarding V.P. Al Gore and his decision on immigration reform, so I was inevitably in need for some research. However, what came as a burden had become highlights of my writing. It is exactly due to my effort of learning the history behind the article allowed me write with confidence and sympathy. Without all this work, I would be intimidated by the article and unable to assess it. Moreover, I have learned to think outside of the box on the issue of immigration which is crucial to me because I have had a similar experience yet struggled to identify it.

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