How to Write a Speech Introducing Yourself

If you can get all of those details put together in a brief introductory speech, you'll be golden! Remember, though, you are speaking simply to introduce yourself. Do not take the opportunity to brag, joke excessively or to register complaints!

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Jay Z jabbed New York Knicks president Phil Jackson during his speech to introduce LeBron James as Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year on Monday night.

Introduction Speech: a 'how to', with an example speech

A professional, realistic approach to writing and presenting a speech to introduce a new member of staff to your team

Team building can be quite a sensitive subject because gossip and personality clashes mean that office politics can be the downfall of team potential. This is where making a suitable speech to introduce a new member of staff comes into the mix – get it right and you have new energy in your team and a renewed sense of opportunity to succeed; get it wrong and you can irritate your star players and cause valued employees to consider leaving.